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Student Support Ministry (Evangeline), Bangladesh

GCM has been involved in the educational support and missionary foundation for Evangeline since 2012. At just 19 she is a homeland missionary in Bangladesh, fluent in Bengali, English, and Korean. Circumstances have made it hard for her to get the schooling she needs. GCM provides access to the education she needs to be a leader in global missions, and we are already seeing amazing results of her efforts to help mission work in Bangladesh - a Muslim country where the gospel of Jesus can lead to beautiful change. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please contact GCM to find out how you can help.


Yayasan Boas School, Indonesia

With a dual mission of providing both a loving home and a school to help children in the Central Java area build the foundation for a better future, Boas plays an important role in Kingdom building. GCM has been supporting Boas since 2012. Our hope is to soon be able to make regular visits to help with curricular improvements and to bring much needed supplies to kids in this Muslim region that restricts the activities of Christian organizations like Boas.


Para-Missions Education Support for Youth, Global

GCM's core objective is to provide unique educational opportunities for young individuals who are called to be future world missionaries. Missionaries around the world often identify youth in the host nation with potential to minister within that nation and around the world and engage in discipleship activities with these youth. GCM lends a helping hand to these missionaries by providing support and educational consulting to individual youth who can benefit from more globally recognized education. If you know of a missionary who has identified such an individual, please encourage them to connect with GCM.

Remote Learning

Noah Russian School, South Korea

Young children of Russian and Korean heritage living in South Korea have a welcoming and loving environment at Noah Russian School, where they are educated in preparation for a globally focused future as intercultural Christian leaders. GCM has been supporting Noah Russian School since 2014 through curricular consulting for global learning, online education offerings, prayers, encouragement, and financial assistance.

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